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Notes on Today's Outage

Starting around 9:25am EST today (June 30th) our primary database server locked up, leading to 502 errors and making the service unavailable for everyone. This also affected our email importing and other background jobs. The outage for the web interface lasted about an hour and a half and then it took us a few more hours to clear out the email importing backlog and process all our background jobs. While no emails were lost (they were delayed), unfortunately an hour worth of reporting updates and background app jobs (for example, syncing up your replies with a CRM) were lost in this outage. This was due to a manual error in trying to speed up the recovery. We are terribly sor...

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Auto-responder & SMTP Settings Per Email Address

When we started SupportBee, we focused on a very simple use-case - a company with one email address ( Over time, based on customer feedback, we added support for multiple email addresses. However auto-responder and SMTP (custom outgoing server) settings stayed global. You could not configure them per email address. Well that changes today! You can now configure an auto-responder per email address. The same for SMTP. To get you started, we have duplicated your current auto-responder and SMTP settings for your existing email addresses so everything keeps working as expected. Go ahead and change ...

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Improvements to ticket listings

The "All" listing in SupportBee displays a list of tick...

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Easier assignments, Inline images and more

Happy 2015 everyone, here's to a fun and successful new year! We are starting 2015 with some new features and improvements to SupportBee, here we go.

Improvements to ticket ass...

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Assign Teamwork tasks from within SupportBee

A while back we had implemented a Teamwork integration with SupportBee. As more users started using this a...

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Private Tickets, Private Groups and more

Private tickets has always been one of the most requested features in SupportBee. This request mainly arises from a need to exercise control over the visibility of sensitive information that gets routed through the support software. For instance, tickets sent to the billing department may contain sensitive information like customer's address, etc., We at SupportBee also felt this is a necessary feature and have been working on it for a couple of ...

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