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New Integration for Greater Organization: SupportBee + Moxtra!

So Many Apps, So Little Space

I often find myself wishing I had more screen space. Even with two monitors, it doesn’t take long into my day to fill up all the real estate with various apps, sites, and tools. No single platform can do everything, and there are so many tools out there. Some are necessary, some are very useful, and some are just really, really helpful (and honestly, some are just so much fun). With so many useful tools out there, your digital toolbox quickly gets full, and then goes from full to confusing. Clicking and switching tabs frequently means that at some point I have to sit and remember what I was doing, and what tab I left my train of thought on. Organization and prioritizing often represent the difference between simply starting a lot of things, and actually accomplishing things. When you are working with a large team, or a distributed team, or any team at all, maintaining that organization and communicating it simply is very important. Having everyone doing somet...

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SupportBee Turns Three!

Three years ago on Sep 26th 2012, we launched to the world. When we started working on SupportBee 2011, we had some radical ideas for customer support. A custo...

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Powerup Your Support with Images Right in Your Replies!

Images can be powerful tools in any aspect of communication and online interaction. This makes sense, considering that a picture is worth a thousand words, and no one likes opening an email or going to a webpage and having to read a thousand words about much of anything! This becomes even more ...

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Brewed in August: Better Mobile Interface, Improved Performance & More!

August was a busy month for us....

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An Improved Text Editing Experience

If you are using SupportBee, there is a good chance that you are spending most of your time editing text - replying to customers, editing your signature or creating snippets to be used later. A few years back, we switched to an up and coming text editor hoping that we would be able to deliver a modern text editing experience. Unfortunately that decision didn't work out very well. ...

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View upto 100 Days of Analytics Data at a Time

Howdy! We just rolled out some s...

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