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How we work at SupportBee

A question I get quite often from friends or potential candidates is how we work at SupportBee. A lot of our processes are based on processes of other great companies, but like every snowflake, it is unique! Before we talk about it, some context first! We switched to being a 100% distributed team earlier this year but we have always valued being able to work remotely from the very beginning. Even in 2011, we wanted to be able to open our laptop anywhere in the world and feel plugged into work right away. We started with Campfire and started piping company updates like trial signups in there. Within a year, we moved from ho...

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Manage Your Customer Relationships with Great Support - SupportBee + Insightly

Good customer support, and any type of quality customer contact is not simply about helping someone resolve an issue, or accomplish a task. It's about building another block in a customer relationship. Everytime someone contacts your team, whether it be for support, some sort of general inquiry, or interest in your product, your team has a chance to make a sale, generate goodwill through smooth product performance, or head off an issue...

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Personalizing Your Signature with Images

We're very excited for our feature addition t...

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Hi, I'm Jon and I'm Here to Work for You!

Adding a new team member can mean any number of things to a company's customers. It can mean new features, it can mean better communication in the future, indicate the company is growing and successful, etc. But often team members are added without anyone on the customer side knowing about it. When we’re trying to develop and strengthen our relationship...

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New Integration for Greater Organization: SupportBee + Moxtra!

So Many Apps, So Little Space

I often find myself wishing I had more screen space. Even with two monitors, it doesn’t take long into my day to fill up all the real estate with various apps, sites, and tools. No single platform can do everything, and there are so many tools out there. Some are necessary, some are very useful, and some are just really, really helpful (and honestly, some are just so much fun). With so many useful tools out there, your digital toolbox quickly gets full, and then goes from full to confusing. Clicking and switching tabs frequently means that at some point I have to sit and remember what I was doing, and what tab I left my train of thought on. Organization and prioritizing often represent the difference between simply starting a lot of things, and actually accomplishing things. When you are working with a large team, or a distributed team, or any team at all, maintaining that organization and communicating it simply is very important. Having everyone doing somet...

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SupportBee Turns Three!

Three years ago on Sep 26th 2012, we launched to the world. When we started working on SupportBee 2011, we had some radical ideas for customer support. A custo...

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