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Improvements to ticket listings

The "All" listing in SupportBee displays a list of tick...

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Easier assignments, Inline images and more

Happy 2015 everyone, here's to a fun and successful new year! We are starting 2015 with some new features and improvements to SupportBee, here we go.

Improvements to ticket ass...

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Assign Teamwork tasks from within SupportBee

A while back we had implemented a Teamwork integration with SupportBee. As more users started using this a...

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Private Tickets, Private Groups and more

Private tickets has always been one of the most requested features in SupportBee. This request mainly arises from a need to exercise control over the visibility of sensitive information that gets routed through the support software. For instance, tickets sent to the billing department may contain sensitive information like customer's address, etc., We at SupportBee also felt this is a necessary feature and have been working on it for a couple of ...

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Making SupportBee more powerful with Zapier


SupportBee has a powerful App Platform that integrates with a number of popular 3rd party applications. Considering how diverse ...

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New Integration: Enjoy the power of Vibeapp inside SupportBee

With Rapportive shrinking in its utility, Vibe has become a popular email add-on alternative for knowing more about email contacts. As their website explains, Vibeapp...

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