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Updates on SupportBee and thoughts from the team

How would you like to merge some tickets?

Today, we are taking a big step in the way we introduce new features to our customers. Instead of announcing a feature after it's polished and rolled out to everyone, we'll be telling you about upcoming features before we take them to the product...

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CC in New Ticket

Earlier this week, we rolled out a useful addition to the New Tickets screen. You can now copy people when creating a new ticket.

Once you click the 'New Ticket Button', click on the "Add CC" link to bring u...

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The Basecamp App Now Supports Multiple Projects

If you are a Basecamp user, we have some great news for you! Until recently, you could configure the New Basecamp App to send your support tickets to a specific project. In a recent update, we added support for selecting a proj...

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Archived Tickets Out Of The Way!

SupportBee has two simple ticket states - Unanswered and Answered. They help you keep track of tickets when you are conversing back and forth with the customer (sometimes over days or even weeks). Once a ticket is considered done (or closed or resolved, depending on what you like to term that state...

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Automatic Spam Filtering

One of the big things we finished working on last months was autom...

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Improvements to Typography and UI

We've rolled out another big update. This time it's about typography and UI enhancements to SupportBee.

Typography is not just about a font change, it's about everything the font affects. If there's a box in which the font needs to be contained, how does the font look in the box? What should the font-size in the box be? How wide should the box be? It's a lot of elements that contribute to an update as significant as this and we'll ...

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